Wednesday, January 28, 2015

See, Love, Create: Macrame


If you've been on social media during the past several years, you've probably noticed that traditional crafts are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. People are becoming weary of mass produced items, instead gravitating toward handcrafted pieces. I'm no exception. I've become enchanted by all the whimsical pieces being created using traditional techniques. They hearken back to a simpler time when the daily pace of life was slower, when the things we bought had a story and intrinsic meaning. Never content to admire from afar, I feel compelled to try my hand at some of these crafts. I'll be sharing my creations in a new series called See, Love, Create. The first handicraft I'm trying is macrame. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Windowsill Gardening

My family loves growing our own food, but the Wyoming climate and short growing season poses a serious challenge. Spring won't arrive until April, at the earliest, but we're eager to enjoy homegrown produce. I've been investigating ways to bring gardening indoors and have recently discovered a really easy way to grow organic produce on right on our windowsill. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nature Journals

Winters in Wyoming are beautiful, but because of their length, can feel unrelenting. Once the snowfall begins in earnest, there will likely be snow on the ground until April. On sunny days, the hills and plains are an enchanting sea of twinkling diamonds. But when it's overcast, the white sky and white land becomes grey and oppressive. Most days the bitter temperatures and treacherous roads keep me cooped up indoors. Gone are my lovely walks in the woods. Gone are the weekly drives to the mountains. How I miss the sounds of the birds singing in the branches overhead, the crunch of leaves and pine needles underfoot, but most of all the sense of peace and stillness that I've only ever experienced in the mountains of Wyoming. It's difficult to describe just how it feels to be away from there for so long. It begins as a tiny twinge that, over the course of the winter, grows to an almost excruciatingly painful restlessness. Just when I think I can't bear it any longer, spring arrives! 

This winter I'm determined not to be driven to my wits end. To satisfy my longing to be in the woods, I've been collecting every vintage field guide and nature book I can find. The illustrations are so enchanting and inspiring. My plan is to keep a nature journal for the entire year. Beginning this month, I'll record the little details I notice around my home and when spring arrives, I'll enter what I see in the mountains. I think watching for the subtle changes in the landscape and the activities of the few creatures that haven't migrated or hibernated, will help keep my curiosity engaged and satisfy a little bit of the longing I feel to be in the woodlands.